Requirements for investment application

  1. In accordance with established order, investor will present the directorate of SIZ “Jizzakh” with filled investment application for production dislocation in the territory of SIZ “Jizzakh”, accompanied by:
  • statements about the founder from the trade register on place registration of the legal entity or other document confirming the activities of the entity;
  • business plan of the proposed project;
  • information confirming the existence of the legal entity’s experience in the relevant field, as well as similar projects implemented in the relevant field;
  • conclusion of the auditing organization on the financial statements for the last three years;
  • document, confirming the specimen signatures of the authorized persons of

All documents submitted by investors to the Directorate of SIZ “Jizzakh” with annex in established order, authorized in local or Russian language. The investor is responsible for the accuracy of the submitted data and documents.
2. The business plan, submitted to the Directorate of SIZ “Jizzakh” should include the following main provisions:

Planned product name, capacity and assortment

Estimated prices and consumption markets for the goods produced, production capacity of export oriented products

Infrastructure and engineering facilities needed for the implementation of the proposed project;

The estimated size of area in the territory of SIZ “Jizzakh” needed for rational production dislocation;

Availability and assured supply of raw materials needed for the period of the project implementation;

The description of proposed production technology, taking into account the environmental requirements;

Information on trademark to be used;

Calculation of economic efficiency, as well as the most effective technical, organizational and economical solution for implementation of the project;

Amount, type and dates of the proposed investments, the sources of financing and expected collateral in case of loans;

The localization level of production and the change of product item by the code of product assortment of foreign economic activity of the Republic of Uzbekistan in comparison with feedstock at one of the first 4 digits;

Characteristics of technological equipment intended for use of manufacturing, it’s compliance with modern quality standards, availability of project quality management system that meets international standards;

The number of jobs created;

Staff recruitment among citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan should not be less than 80 percent of the total quantity of employees.