Review the investment application by Administrative Council

  1. The working body enters the investment application, submitted by the Directorate, for review by the members of Administrative Council,
  2. 2. Before making decision on selection of investment project for implementation in the territory of SIZ “Jizzakh”, The Administrative Council will consider:

Matching the profile with the main objectives of SIZ “Jizzakh”, without including the companies that mine and primary process strategic natural raw materials.

The obligation of the investor to create new manufacturing or deep modernization of current production facilities, improving them with high-tech equipment and technologies, especially for deep processing of local mineral resources and agricultural raw materials using local staff;

The gradual formation of technological chain for manufacturing of best-selling import-substituting and export-oriented products;

Compliance of the proposed production with the required ecological and environmental protection standards;

Implementation of investments by investors’ own funds or loans that are attracted without the guarantee of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

Financial and technological condition of the investors;

Overall economic efficiency and feasibility of the project (the optimal allocation of production capacity, number of jobs created, impact on the structural changes in the industry, the use of existing facilities, the availability of the necessary raw materials and infrastructure);

Possibilities and prospects of sales of finished products both in domestic and foreign markets;

the level of localization of production and change of heading of the final product by the code of the commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity of Uzbekistan in comparison with the feed at one of the first 4 digits;

matching the level of technological equipment with modern quality standards, availability of project quality management system that meets international standards;

Staff recruitment among citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan should not be less than 80 percent of the total quantity of employees.

Amounts, types and terms of investment;

other factors determined by the decision of the Administrative Council.

When considering investment applications, preference is given to projects involves ensuring in the territory of the SIZ “Jizzakh” full-cycle production of the best-selling import-substituting and export-oriented competitive products through the creation of enterprises cooperating in consecutive technological processing of raw materials and semi-finished products in the production of finished products.

  1. 3. The Administrative Council reviews the investment application within the 10 working days and decides about:

The feasibility of implementation of the investment project in the territory of SIZ “Jizzakh”;

Necessity of improvement of submitted documents with the specific and reasonable remarks;

Unfeasibility of implementation of the investment project in the territory of SIZ “Jizzakh”;

  1. 4. If the fact is set, showing that investors have presented false information about themselves, in the process of review of investment application by the members of Administrative Council, review of investment application will be terminated and a reasonable conclusion will be sent to investors.
  2. 5. The improved investment application is submitted repeatedly for review by the Administrative Council.
  3. 6. The positive decision of the Administrative Council on investment application is registered by the minutes of the meeting of the Administrative Council and considered as the basis for the conclusion of investment agreement between the Directorate and the investor(s) in the territory of SIZ “Jizzakh”.
  4. 7. Copy of the Minutes of the Administrative Council will be sent to investors and their representatives within the 3 working days after the approval of the Minute of The Administrative Council.