Administrative Council of FEZ “Jizzakh”

The Administrative Council of FEZ "Jizzakh" has been formed in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated March 18, 2013 #4516 and consists of state and economic management representatives, carrying out the functions of coordination and state regulation of SIZ "Jizzakh".

The main tasks of the Administrative Council of FEZ "Jizzakh" are following:

Assisting economic entities – participants of FEZ “Jizzakh” in a whole process of implementation of the investment project in the territory of FEZ “Jizzakh”, attracting foreign investors and identification sources of funding;

Making decision on granting organizations the status of participants of FEZ “Jizzakh”;

Coordination the works of ministries, governmental agencies and associations those are responsible for the implementation of investment projects in the territory of FEZ “Jizzakh”, on time preparation of project, tender and contract documentation and make its review;

Making decision with the participants of FEZ “Jizzakh” on implementation at “zero” redemption value of inactive enterprise and property in state ownership;

Systematically monitor the implementation of the approved investment projects on construction of objects and on time start of production in FEZ “Jizzakh”;

Developing the program and projects for advance development of transport, engineering, communication and social infrastructure of FEZ “Jizzakh”;

Organization of permanent monitoring the manufacturing and financial parameters of the enterprises, operating their activities in the territory of FEZ “Jizzakh”, assisting them in achieving the parameters stipulated by the investment project, the most comprehensive capacity of manufacturing, establishing stable cooperation relations and promotion of products for export;

Setting the measures on managing effective functioning of FEZ “Jizzakh”, forming the Directorate of FEZ “Jizzakh” and control its activities;

Implementation the tasks aimed to improve the functioning effectiveness of FEZ “Jizzakh”.