Directorate of FEZ “Jizzakh”

The Directorare of FEZ “Jizzakh” is a legal entity in a form of state unitary company, created for carrying out operational management of FEZ “Jizzakh”

The main functions of FEZ “Jizzakh” are as follows:

  • To register the participants of FEZ “Jizzakh” and maintain their registry, issue relevant certificate.
  • To keep records of economic entities in the territory of FEZ “Jizzakh” that are not the participants of FEZ “Jizzakh”.
  • To conclude invesment agreements with the selected investors in established order, agreements with the participants of FEZ “Jizzakh” on implementation of inactive organizations and assets that are in state ownership at “zero” redemption value in accordance with decisions of the Administrative Council of FEZ “Jizzakh”.
  • To monitor the proper execution of liabilities undertaken by the selected investor in established manner and report the results to the Administrative Council;
  • To manage real estate objects that are in state ownership in the territory of FEZ “Jizzakh”
  • To assist the participants of FEZ “Jizzakh” in matters related to connecting to necessary infrastructure utilities (electrisity, gas and water supply, sewage and train roads etc) for on time implementation of investmen projects, start of manufacturing and operation of the organization.
  • To provide services to the participants of FEZ “Jizzakh”, including by the way of representing their interest in state bodies;
  • To prepare materials related to matters within the competence of Administrative Council at its meetings;
  • To implement other functions related to operational management of FEZ “Jizzakh”.